No Printed Handbook for Samsung J2 PYD

Having purchased a SAMSUNG J2 PYD phone,I was astounded to find only a handful of tips to make it functionalinside the box! When asked,the local supplier said “No H/books are available for this phone,but you can download any page U want via computer!” So since most h/books are 80+pages,I could @ 20c per page download for $16+,& carry around with me 80+pages of A4 with all the technology in them! What sort of B/S is that?

Minister Fyfield of communications has allowed these phones to be imported WITHOUT their H/books! When I tried to contact SAMSUNG I was connected to a foreign location which did not have anything useful to add.

Has anyone info on how to obtain a H/book for this phone?

I WILL NOT buy a more expensive phone that has all it’s details in an available h/book, which of course may be the very reason for no h/book on the cheap $180 phone in the first place.

So granpop & granma get used to talking to their mob when they like to instead of waiting for a call to them,I would expect marketing dudes to cook-up something like that marketing dudes to cook-up something like that.

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Here is the link to download the user manual for Australia.

Instead of printing it, you could store it on an USB drive or perhaps even in the phone’s memory.


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As a general observation, much of the current telephone and computer equipment being sold do not have printed manuals provided. Whether it’s right or wrong, there is an assumption that people can go on-line and look up what they need/want. We have discussed elsewhere on this forum that even when manuals are provided, they are often printed so small that an ant would need a magnifying glass to read it (slight exaggeration).

May I suggest that there is no need to download & print the whole manual. If you have limited data availability, many/most libraries allow you access to the internet, and you could log on to the Samsung website and read the Smsung J2 common topics on-line. As @Fred123 indicated, you could also just download the manual, and not print it out.