No frills fridges

After 20 years our Amana fridge is about to be retired. We are looking for a fridge WITHOUT the need to be plumbed in. Unfortunately in the review I read the majority of recommended fridges include the need for a plumber because of built in ice and/or water dispensers. These fridges will not only cost more to buy, but also incur additional costs to have plumbed in. The ice and water dispensers take up a lot of space in the fridge which we could otherwise use.
Is there a way of filtering to find recommendations for a no frills, quality fridge?

Greetings Fred

I assume you are talking about filtering Choice reviews.

If you chose your top contenders based on price, size and score and then tick them for comparison. Then go into shortlist comparison, if you scroll down to ‘Features’ you will see rows detailing water, ice and plumbing. You can untick those models you don’t want and tick more for comparison and end up only comparing those with the features you want.


Yes, thank you, I did that.
Unfortunately, the recommended list only has one fridge with a decent score and a reliability history, without the unwanted features.
The tick, read, untick process isn’t a terribly efficient way of searching.
If it was possible to “exclude” features not required it would be helpful, but better still would be a review of fridges that don’t require plumbing.

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There are a number of fridges within the recommended list which don’t have ice/chilled water function. The number reduces significantly if one is only after a particular sized fridge.

What size are you after?


True but then interfaces to specify data have to be kept in bounds. If they get too complex to use or maintain they are not as useful as a simpler version.

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Hi @Fred4 Log into the Appliances Online web site and check the fridges they have . Their interface is very easy to use when filtering wanted and unwanted options .


The Kelvinator is a “less frills than Westinghouse”. We have had Kelvinators for about 30 years and both reliable with the last still going strong. It was a Choice recommendation.

No frills means no ice, water, plumbing and also no chiller compartment, butter conditioner, internet etc. It has one shelf in the freezer & no light; fridge has 2 crisper boxes, 1 light, 3 shelves and adjustable door trays in fridge & freezer. Very happy with it.


Fridges get lonely in lockdown too.

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Around 500-550 litres


In that size range (using the total volume filter on the left), only 1 of 3 recommended by Choice (using the comparison function) requires to be plumbed in. Maybe start with the two which don’t require plumbing to see if they suit.

There are also a few others just under the Choice expert’s recommended threshold which could also be worth adding to the list to consider. Look at the bad points Choice identified and see if any these are ‘show stoppers’ for you. If they aren’t, add them to your short list. This might give you 3-5 to work with. If they all seem okay, go to a store(s) and see them in the flesh. Use standard criteria such as best price, manufacturer warranty, online user reviews (with caution as often reviews are often posted when something goes wrong, rather than when there are no issues) etc to make your final decision.

For members, which you seem to have, it is worth saying that Choice has its Choice Shopper service which can haggle for the best price on your behalf, if you feel uncomfortable doing this yourself.

Hope this helps.