Nitrous Oxide Misuse Warning

An article regarding persons selling and using nitrous oxide as a party drug and the associated risks.

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Channel 9 must be getting desperate for controversial stories to publish.

This seems so socially irresponsible effectively telling kids how to get their jollies and cause themselves harm.


I would strongly suspect that “kids” would be aware of the products and their effects, but probably not aware of the risks.

And the article includes statements from the NSW & Victorian Governments and Victorian Police.

Really no different than articles warning about the risks of drugs at music feativals.


Possibly some, but advertising it ensures that they all know and puts it in the forefront of all kids minds.

It is a little like fire hazard warnings…number of arson related fires is low until such time that the media/new agencies start telling everyone of the risk risk level…and then all of a sudden the number of arson related fires increase substantially. Coincidence or increasing awareness. It is most likely the later.