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Nick Scali coffee table purchase

I just bought a concrete/timber coffee table from Nick Scali. Received it 3 days ago. It came with a sheet of special instructions…it says it marks easily, it needs special care, needs to be wiped as soon as there is a spill or mark, etc. If I had known that this table needed so much care and attention, I wouldn’t have purchased it! I have kids, so this table is not suitable for us. The sales person who sold us the table did NOT mention anything about the table. We walked in, pointed to the table and said we liked it and then paid for it, arranged delivery and left. Never during that time did he say anything about the product or advise us of materials and care it needed.
I have called the store and the sales person has escalated it to his manager but they won’t offer a refund. I am going to call him back tomorrow and keep insisting. I just moved to Australia, so I’m wondering what Consumer Affairs is and if I can leverage this in my conversation to them. Thanks


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