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News Corp Wants ACCC To Break Up Google's Australian Business

News Corp wants the ACCC to break up Google’ s Australian operations, claiming that Google is dominating the market.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Murdoch must have finally realised that people can access all the news they want without having to buy or subscribe to his grubby rags.

And as for the ACCC taking on Google. Meow. Meow.



NewsCorp is a bit late on the party…this has been discussed a lot last year such as in the US…

and EU…

and London…

and many other countries.

It is possible that it may get traction if one country/union decides that the Google (and other huge multinational social media) empire is does not create adequate competition or meet say media and advertising standards.

In the past the EU has been willing to use its antitrust powers to take action against some of the big names (Microsoft, Apple and Google etc). Maybe they might take on the giant again?


Your examples are regarding organisations who are looking to protect their markets and citizens.

On the other hand, Murdoch’s only interest has ever been Murdoch, and he would have total control of the global media if given half a chance.

Absolute hypocrisy.


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Yeah if Murdoch Empire wants a change you could put money on it that it is mostly/only to benefit them, NBN being an example of the hobbling. I don’t have a problem with Google being broken up but I also want the same for Murdoch’s businesses and other large almost monopolistic organisations that are in our society. Too much power and influence end up concentrated in too few hands.


Another article regarding Murdoch & Co.

What a disgusting bunch of grubs.


And another article.

I recall that in 1972, Murdoch was instrumental in getting Whitlam elected, following which he was also instrumental in getting him booted out in 1975.

I also recall Murdoch being asked in a TV interview in 2007 as to what he thought of Rudd, to which Murdoch said that he thought he would make an excellent Prime Minister.

With “friends” like Murdoch, who needs enemies?

An article regarding another Murdoch mouthpiece.

Sky News big brother?

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