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New Ways to be Down on NBN

Had a storm blow through and had a short power outage. The NBN cable modem struggled to reconnect but after 25 min voila, internet service back up. A while later discovered no VOIP. Rang ABB who confirmed I was not on their network!!! Seems the NBN HFC can get its logical wires crossed. Handy to have my fully charged mobile to keep up with events. Looks fixed in only an hour but who would have known it was broken? Except by dumb luck… if not for a gent having trouble on my mobile and then trying the VOIP landline that was not working, so rang back on the mobile, who knows how long this could have gone on.


I think it’s what our government calls progress.


It would seem the NBN when it isn’t working might actually be helping us and freeing up more time to be productive.

A simple tip brought to us by the NBN. Don’t connect and we will reward you with 3+hours of free time every week! :rofl:

Who says the NBN is no laughing matter!


/start rant

Another 1 minute power failure at 07:42PM last night. After watching the cable modem trying to (re)connect and knowing how it goes, all tests failed, Aussie raises a fault at 08:07PM. Seems every fault raised requires the RSP to also book a technician to attend no matter how relevant it might be to an obvious NBN fail. Got the booking for 2 days hence :roll_eyes:

28/12/2019 08:47pm AEDT - nbn advises of a network incident caused by a local power outage that is impacting some HFC end users in the Montmorency, VIC area. Network Engineers are monitoring the situation and once the power is restored will test alarms and perform health checks on the network to confirm stability. Following this, nbn will then close this ticket. nbn recommends end users perform a reset of their modem/CPE once the power is restored to their area.

Resolved and notified at 12:20AM.

What is a mere 4.5 hours downtime because of a common power failure in the area? The amateur hours reinforce nothing is too good for us. :anger: Maybe we need to send the NBN some data sheets on UPS and battery backups; they seem oblivious how to do.

Nothing like having the fully charged mobile to be able to report. :angry:

/end rant


… so many unsolved crimes, and here is all this genius wasting away running the NBN …

Like so many things these days, we are at the mercy of (potentially) marvellous technology with muppets at the controls.

The surprising thing here is their relatively quick (less than a week) correlation of events to diagnose a single failure rather than having a posse of ‘techs’ visit dozens of premises before they stumbled across a common root cause …


Almost all the problems faced in the MTM NBN would have been avoided as has been posted many times. To place backup batteries and UPS for HFC, FTTN and similar tech by the NBN Co to address these power outage issues would add further Billions of dollars to the cost. I see the responsibility for both the home connection and infrastructure and the commercial side are NBN Co’s when it comes to providing power when outages occur similar to how the copper lines power was maintained. They/d probably consider it if real pressure was mounted to replace it all with FTTP as they wouldn’t like to be shown up in front of Labor.

What we have been given and we are seemingly accepting is that our connections are all our responsibility even though we pay someone else to provide and maintain the service. No compensation is given to the users who because of these failures lose their connections particularly in cases of emergencies, but any disconnect outside of a users control should be compensated regardless. Add that compensation cost to the costing and the MTM NBN would be vastly more costly than a mostly FTTP nbn™. We have been deluded and short changed in regard to this but nothing has changed so we will and have been left holding the can.


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We have a taskforce! That’ll fix it.

Recommendation 1: get rid of laws enforcing metadata collection and requiring companies to build back doors into their own products.

Recommendation 2: step back and let someone who has a clue take ownership.