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New Ways to be Down on NBN

Had a storm blow through and had a short power outage. The NBN cable modem struggled to reconnect but after 25 min voila, internet service back up. A while later discovered no VOIP. Rang ABB who confirmed I was not on their network!!! Seems the NBN HFC can get its logical wires crossed. Handy to have my fully charged mobile to keep up with events. Looks fixed in only an hour but who would have known it was broken? Except by dumb luck… if not for a gent having trouble on my mobile and then trying the VOIP landline that was not working, so rang back on the mobile, who knows how long this could have gone on.


I think it’s what our government calls progress.


It would seem the NBN when it isn’t working might actually be helping us and freeing up more time to be productive.

A simple tip brought to us by the NBN. Don’t connect and we will reward you with 3+hours of free time every week! :rofl:

Who says the NBN is no laughing matter!