New research paves the way for refrigeration of tomatoes!

New research has been released on the refrigeration of tomatoes showing that there might be a way of keeping the flavour of tomatoes after refrigeration! Check it out here:

Are there any tips that you have for keeping the flavour of fresh food if you want to cold store them?


The problem with supermarket tomatoes is that a lot of them have very little flavour to start with! We tend to eat them fresh seasonally, mostly home grown in the aquaponics system (160kg from 8 plants a couple of years ago!), and when there is an excess I dry, then freeze them, or else make tomato sauce, so that the flavour can be enjoyed all year round. Picked when starting to ripen, they last in a bowl for up to 2-3 weeks, depending on the weather, so I really see no reason to store in the fridge.
Firm tasteless tomatoes trucked down from FNQ in winter have zero appeal for me.


Fantastic! Now all we need is something that’ll give them some flavour in the first place.

On the subject of tomatoes, this farm uses mirrors in the South Australian desert to convert sea water and grow plants on an industrial scale.

Maybe low taste on purchase from supermarkets and green grocers is because tomatoes are transported around the country using refrigerator trucks…to preserve shelf life and prevent spoiling.

I remember a few years ago one of the students at the university I was working undertook breeding trials looking at finding a tomato which is firm when fully ripe (for transportation) and a full flavour. I know after a few breeding cycles, they increased the flavour of firm tomatoes but couldn’t reach full flavour though. I understand that commercial varieties have become better, but many tomaties are picked green/not fully ripe …and not allowed to grow to full flavour on the plant.

Even from the home vege patch, picked unripe tomaroes left to ripen have somewhat diminished tasted compared to those allowed to fully ripen on the plant in the sun.