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New Outboard Engine Fault

New engines fitted to a catamaran, engine to engine mounting bracket has anti vibration rubbers(manufacture).
Sales and Service franchise who fitted the engine have to fit the engines straight ( no steering hydraulics required.
Mechanic has fixed the engine to the transom without anti vibration mounts,
This could have caused the engine failure due to vibration travelling back to motor ( which is separated by factory engine mounts. Engineers and steering specialist agree with this theory. As a result I am 4 weeks in a marina. Waited for part from manufacturer (Japan). Engine is fixed but the installation is still not completed correctly with rubber mounts. No email reply’s from installer/franchise sales and large corporation bogging things down and being difficult, hoping I give up.
Who is responsible and I can’t afford to challenge these turkeys in court as I am about to leave on trip of lifetime north.
Yamaha Outboard Australia , White Water Marine Gold Coast
Any advise appreciated, out of pocket expenses $1200 and a whole lot of stress.
Thank you in advance. This is a real tester.

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You may be well served by checking your rights under Australian Consumer Law and sending White Water Marine a formal ‘Letter of Complaint’. You can find many links to the ACCC and Choice advice using the Community search.