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New Netflix Scam

A video clip warning consumers regarding a scam claiming their Netflix account has been blocked and asking them to update their credit card details.



Another Netflix scam.


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An update to the Netflix scam.


An article warning users not to share their streaming services logon details.

The scam seems to be the article itself.

The conclusion that you shouldn’t share your account details with friends and family is not supported by the text of the article.

The article contains a number of sensible, but already widely publicised, pieces of advice about passwords.

It isn’t exactly a great idea ever to share a password with anyone else but there are much bigger risks in other areas, and those are what is discussed in the article.

The so-called “credential stuffing” attack is a popular technique used by hackers who obtain passwords and usernames via malicious means before seeing if those details will gain access to accounts on different websites.

A well-implemented web site will activate countermeasures when faced with this kind of probing.

The cyber security expert also warned people to be careful what information they share on social media, as cyber sleuths could use this to guess the answers to your security questions on accounts.

Or better still, don’t provide real answers to your security questions. It is ridiculous to provide real answers for the same reason that it is warned against to use the same password on unrelated web sites. By providing real answers you are duplicating security information across unrelated web sites. A compromise on one web site, can be used to compromise other unrelated web sites - just like credential stuffing.