New iiNet Scam

I was looking at a slideshow on MSN regarding the world’s best special forces when the screen suddenly changed to a scam which claimed that I was selected as 1 of 100 iiNet customers to win and I could select a Samsung Galaxt 9+, an iPhone XS or an iPad Pro.

Very surprising as I do not have an iiNet account but perhaps Internode, a wholly owned subsidiary, displays as iiNet.



It might be worth disabiling notifications in MS Explorer/Edge…This is how to do it…

Or if you want to retain notifications for other websites, one can also turn off notifications for a particular website such as MSM, see.

or for MS internet explorer 11, turn off popups…

Scanner often use such popups/notifications as they often look authentic and convincing.

I never allow website notifications when asked…which often occurs when first going to a new website where notifications/popups are used and requires permissions for their use.


The appearance of the scams do not bother me.

I just use the opportunity to warn others of new scams as they emerge.

The only thing I use Edge for is to look at the MSN website.

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