New Ford Falcon GTHO Upgrade Kit

There is an interesting article regarding a group of former Ford Performance Vehicles engineers and technicians who are now working at a company named Premcar in Victoria.

They plan to provide and install upgrade kits for Ford factory supercharged V8 Falcons at a cost of $25,000 each and limited to only 100 vehicles which will thus upgrade them to the specifications of the last GTHO Falcons that Ford Performance Vehicles had planned to build but had run out of time to do so when the factory was shut down.
The article states that the upgraded vehicles will have some 484 Kw of power.
We bought an unloved 1970 XW GT Falcon in the 1980’s and had it totally restored. When the engine needed rebuilding, we had it substantially upgraded.
Whilst dynos do not necessarily provide an accurate reading of power, they do provide a good comparison. We had my wife’s new VN SS Commodore tested on the dyno, immediately followed by the GT which produced 50 % greater power.
So if the Commodore was producing its factory rated output of 160Kw, then the GT was producing 240 Kw.
The engine would rev to 7,000 RPM and it could reach 70 MPH in 1st gear and 105 MPH in second gear. I never tried to wind it out in 3rd or 4th gears.
And this upgraded “cruise missile” will produce double the power of our GT Falcon.
The owners of these upgraded vehicles had better fasten their seatbelts.

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No doubt you measured the fuel consumption in gallons per mile :rofl:


Can’t be that bad around town?

The power upgrade would also ensure enough to keep the aircon at peak in summer.

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Actually, it was always around 14 to 15 MPG on the highway, and having the air-conditioner turned on or off made no difference to either the performance or the fuel consumption whatsoever, in stark contrast to our previous vehicle, a Mitsubishi Sigma, which when I was trying to overtake another vehicle on the highway, I needed to turn the air conditioner off to increase the speed and acceleration.
It had the factory fitted 36 gallons (160 litre) Bathurst fuel tank and when we used to drive from Cairns to Brisbane when our children were young, we would strap them in with their seatbelts and the baby seat, and we would leave home early in the morning and drive non-stop to Mackay
We would arrive in Mackay with the fuel tank still around 25% full around lunch time and stop at the Shell servo the on South-bound side of the highway out of Mackay, whereupon our kids would awaken after around 8 hours without us having being subjected to the usual comments of “Are we there yet”.
The part I always loved best was I when inside to pay for the fuel after refilling the fuel tank with around 120 litres was the expressions on the young console attendants faces when they were awestruck by what their screen was showing them and asked whether the readings were actually real.

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You inspire some interesting points here.
As a hobby or collection the value proposition is a personal one. The greater community can be very detached from the value proposition. Unless you happen to collect say works of Rembrantie, the famous Balinese painter?

Traditionally Choice and it’s staff spend much time and effort to provide informative reviews. Reviews that prioritise identifying consumer needs and then measuring each product against these needs.

For many consumer items there are less objective measures. How to you rate style for instance. Is it a subjective measure or can you objectify other qualities of a consumer product. What about future value?

The automobile - (motor car for the younger ones) has been the ultimate icon and statement of individual style for nearly a century. Excluding perhaps some obvious exceptions such as Liz Taylor who made a fashion accessory of changing husbands and oversized rocks set in industrial grade jewelry. These days there is cubic zirconia which sort of cheapens the look a little! Formal marriage is optional.

We have moved on a little too at home with our residences (evidence reality TV house renovation programs) becoming another ultimate personal icon and statement of style.

The challenge then is how can Choice rise to the occasion?
How can Choice reliably determine what it is we need from our product reviews taking into account the latest trends, our desire for for style and statements?
How do you place a value on subjective assessments?

In car speak - how would Choice make a value recommendation on purchasing a Ford GT40?
Should you buy an original with a great history from Le Mans 24hr race. (ten owners, five rebuilds)?
Or a “noughties” Ford update (with stained leather)?

The newer model with motoring journalist sized cabin able to fit the egos of any average well known ex Top Gear presenter. Of genuine consumer interest Clarkson was unimpressed with his and exercised his consumer rights often to have Ford come and retrieve it from the roadside where it had broken down. Great roadside service from Ford if you live in the UK!

How would Choice rate the value for money proposition of the originals now worth many many millions vs the newer model for a fraction of the cost $0.5M second hand. Still with near no rear vision and a low body height so most other drivers changing lanes will not see you.

As a style statement do you also every five years or so place it out on the curb side recycling in the hope it will go away, least your lack of up to date fashion is on show at your next party?

I look forward to the next dishwasher reviews. One where I can take the recommendation for the best 60’s styled dishwasher with the authentic best of the 60’s dishwashing performance and no doubt the most expensive model in the review.

p.s. As we live in an authentic 19th century house we a re still waiting for electricity to be invented, although we do have a dishwasher!


There is an article today regarding the new model mustang which sounds like a great vehicle.

Ah well. I won’t be able to buy one. There is no spare tyre.

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