New Food Labelling Regulations Excludes The Catering Industry

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The ABC News website reports that as of 01.07.2018, foods sellers must display details of the origin of foods including the actual percentage of Australian content but it will not apply to the catering industry.
So that when you eat out or purchase cooked food, there is no requirement to inform you of the countries of origin, or the Australian content, if any.
In my opinion, this is far from satisfactory, especially after the 2 recent fiascos caused by frozen foods imported by Creative Gourmet from China.
I have inquired on many occasions when eating out as to the provenance of the seafood dishes, which are often not stated on the menus, only to be informed that the staff did not know.
At least in regard to the seafood displays at our local Coles and Supa IGA stores, the provenance of each product is usually clearly stated, so that one can choose between Australian, NZ, Canadian, USA, South American or Asian products and the signage usually states if the product is farmed or wild caught, and fresh or thawed out.
But as far as some of the restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets are concerned, it appears that the modus operandi will continue to be “caveat emptor”.
Not good enough.


Thanks for raising this issue @Fred123. Here’s a link to the exclusions on the standard from the ACCC in case there’s further discussion.


Imagine my surprise on Sunday morning at my local IGA to learn that the ‘fresh’
croissants were ‘product of New Zealand’!


Shocker! Thanks for letting us know.

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Only 4 years later…