New Entertainment Book app

Last week the entertainment book app changed the complete appearance and there was no choice to accept it without having to join. The reviews online have all agreed that this new app must have been randomly given to someone who thought that it was a good idea to scroll sideways vendors that were not relevent so its time consuming trying to find previous cafes,restaurants that were favourites. I believe customers should have been warned or asked what they wanted on the new app before going live and giving us no choice.

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I wondered why my friend’s App was the same and mine changed. The new App is rubbish!! I can’t find anything! I know that there are Hotels and Restaurants on the App but when I look, I can’t find them…
I am very disappointed. The previous App was so simple and efficient.

Oh dear that sounds awful. Mind you I haven’t renewed since last year, since there wasnt much one could use at the time… Might get the paper book this next time, although, the app makes it so easy… I still have the old version on board… hope it lasts.

Is anyone providing that feedback directly to the organisation in question?

The more the merrier.


I certainly have a few times.Call the 1300 number in Australia to voice you frustration.I spoke to a real person yesterday and he explained that the old website was obsolete and they couldnt update it.I was assured they had listened and taken on board our complaints.It may be corrected in a few weeks …The more complaints might speed things up a little.


I’ve contacted their customer service many times and have been told that they are listening and taking on board feedback. However, nothing changes. Even when I was very detailed and specific with my feedback I was given the standard line and then ignored. They appear to not want to know. The deals are great if you can find them but you have to wade through the cheap, generic, ubiquitous deals to find the gems.


I have given up on the entertainment book entirely but i hear ya about the app. What i noticed was that for this area, its hard to find things, and more and more central coast stuff is turning up which is pretty useless unless you are there. Also you used to be able to see what was available before you forked out the $70 or whatever… now you just take your chances.