New DNA Study Shows Expected Lifespans

A new study of DNA reveals the expected lifespans of various species.

It would appear that some of us are a bit past our “use by” date, or at least our “best before” date.


Or perhaps as rumour has it, some of us may not be human at all?
A popular theory that some say can even explain the Canberra bubble?

An ode to Bill Shorten for those that remember that moment in the leaders debates leading up to the 2019 Election. :rofl:


The Canberra Bubble? Is that the lack of reality in Parliamentarians? Or is it the ‘supposed’ unreality of ‘privileged’ Canberra?

Do you go to a GP on occasion. Do they bulk bill? If not, do you appreciate not having to queue at Medicare for your rebate? If you have Private Health Insurance you’ld probably also appreciate Hicaps, which does much the same with Extras rebates.

I chaired and drove the work that led to the missing queues. Among a lot of other reforms And I studied, lived and worked in Canberra, on and off from age 18. But I’d lived in Newcastle for >17 years, and perhaps that saved me, but I don’t think so.

I’m a former consultant in change and risk mgmt since resigning from the APS. I’m also a former soldier, a senior NCO. Like many of my former fellow public servants.

It’s a stupid baseless blaming of people who work for you and try damned hard to minimise the stupidity of the people you and all the other finger pointers elect.