New Choice Member service - Purchase record, warranty and Product Recall service

I think there is an opportunity for a Member service that is beneficial for both Choice and its members.

It would be the ability to record all my purchases and warranties, via website (and mobile app).
Benefits for end users:

  1. Provides central location to store this information, ie purchase info, serial numbers, receipts
  2. When making a claim, Choice provide links and resources (consumer rights etc), next steps when not making progress etc.
    3.Template letters etc, that make it easy to communicate with manufacturer, seller.
  3. Other services, like Choice linking Public product recalls with registered product and owners.

Benefits for Choice:

  1. Information gathering on products - another way to get true reliability of products via actual warranty claims over their life.
  2. Provide more value to members, making it even more useful and important.

It could be something done by a 3rd party, but Choice would be the perfect organisation to run such a service, where you didn’t worry about having all your data sold.


Hi @pflodin, Welcome to the Community.

Part 2 & 3 of your wishes actually are in place already:

CHOICE Help Service:


On this site we as a group have tried to provide links to services that can help, some are listed below. If you ever find something that could be useful you can use the Bookmark feature to create your list of helpful links:

The other 2 are great ideas but this would also require a lot of financial support to keep those processes in place, so having more members would help in that as well as people donating to CHOICE.


Thanks for the suggestion @pflodin!


Have you looked at what the ACCC Shopper app does?

“includes tools to set reminders and keep copies of your receipts”

“set reminders for your lay-bys, warranties and gift vouchers”

advice on refunds, advice on warranties
how to write a complaint letter or email to a business