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New category naming competition - CHOICE policy


Part of the work CHOICE undertakes is to make policy level submissions, complaints and produce evidence-based reports to help guide policymakers, with a view to our mission of creating better, safer and fairer products and services for all Australians. This new section of the Community is to encourage discussion of policy issues and approaches, for those who are interested in this type of thing.

Do you have any clever names for our new section? Post them in the comments below and we’ll consider naming our new section after your suggestion. If needed, we’ll run a poll to decide the winner.


Submit and Deliver!


The Policy Forge…


CHOICEest of Policy (less than 20 chars so adding this)


Echoic (rearranging the letters of Choice)…might be applicable as it could be used as the reverberation or ‘echo’ of a policy, complaint or evidence based messages. One could also have fun with the logo…



Choice Red Pill Blue Pill


(Stylised in which ever form you prefer to take it, eg ZeroB’s)

Or MaximumChoice (ChoiceMax for ZeroBS)



( this is to make the 20 characters)


Campaigns Central has a nice ring, but there are a number of politically connected instances.

Consumers Central

On Focus or In Focus


GREAT suggestions so far - keep them coming :slight_smile:


choice front-line
para bellum
choice voice
choice focus
policy homily
choice navigator
policy consciously
policy responsibly
choice cavalry


I love this one! Policy work feels like it’s done in a forge some days!


What about “Right Choice”, “Choose Right” or simply “Choice Policy”?


a good name could be " Better Fairer Safer"


Vox Rationis- Voice of Reason in Latin.

When Choice goes to bat for consumers on issues, you could sincerely say they are the “Voice of Reason” for Australian consumers. It is reasonable to expect car companies to deal fairly with customers who have bought a lemon. It is reasonable that when Australian consumers try to buy eggs that are ethically procured, they have the true information to make that Choice ;).

I’ve always viewed Choice as the Voice of Reason, whether it be through informing consumers about which products might suit them better through Product Tests, dodgy companies or products to avoid (Shonkys) and the campaigns to bring more awareness about situations that may need change. I have to give extra credit to the campaign staff here as I respect the way campaigns are handled. We are never told to sign up to a campaign, we are asked whether we agree with what the campaign is about and if we wish to join. That shows a respect to the Choice community in wanting us to make up our own minds, not follow blindly. So thanks for giving us more credit than our pollies do lol!


The trick is to hammer the work not the people.


??.. Policy Frontline…


Dinkum Choice



qwerty fill


Excellent idea. To facilitate awareness and use, I think the word "policy: needs to be there.
May need to have sub categories to deal with industry specific issues as well as cross industry ones like guarantees, dispute resolution, consumer information and empowerment, scams, etc.