New "Brushing" Scam Revealed

Yesterday, The ABC News website reported regarding the mysterious case of people receiving packets of unidentified seeds in the mail from overseas.

Today there is a follow up article advising that it is a “brushing” scam.

And I also saw this Norton security ad which claims it can monitor if your identity details are being spruiked on the “dark web” to help warn you if your details have been stolen.

It just never stops.

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To me, Norton = bloat. I once bought a firewall program for my Windows computer running Windows 2000 (so we are going back quite a few years). It was called AtGuard. It was 1.3Mb in size and did require a lot of configuration to be effective, but it was a brilliant little program. Norton bought it, bloated it, dumbed it down and made it ridiculously expensive, for what it was. I was furious, as were most of the owners of the program… It continued to get more and more bloated and to my mind more and more useless… I would not touch a NOrton product if I was paid to use it.

For monitoring what happens to your emails and passwords, there is a side called Have I Been Pwned. And it won’t cost you a bean to find out.

And for the supremely paranoid who don’t want to plug their email addresses into just any old site… some information about the site owner and the history of the site…

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All of which reminded me to go do another check. The thing is, of course, that once you check and find you have been pwned, and change your password… the next time you check, the database will find the same info. So probably a good idea to change email addresses at the same time. I never use my “real” email address anywhere anymore, its aliases all the way, which can be changed as soon as you know you’ve been exposed.

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