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New Answer To Idiots Who Use Mobile Phones Whilst Driving


At last an answer to idiots who still persist in using their mobile phones whilst driving.

I just do not see why they are not issuing fines during the trial period when they are getting photographic evidence of the offences.



The stated answer was that for legal reasons each new technology must be tested and found to be reliable before using it for law enforcement purposes. I don’t have a problem with that general principle. Otherwise a person could challenge the fine in court, arguing that the government has no evidence-base to support the claimed reliability of the detector.

Any detector that claims to be using “AI” to detect mobile phone usage should be subject to testing before just blindly putting it out there in live usage. After all, you might find that through some weird reflection phenomenon or unusual lighting conditions the camera is picking up the wrong car or just getting it wrong. There have been enough accidents in self-driving cars where the computer incorrectly analyses the scene to warrant robust testing.

Remember that for some drivers, use of a mobile phone could be instant loss of licence, with substantial flow-on consequences, so it is important to get it right.

In any case, it is not all about revenue raising. So sending a warning letter may be as effective at changing behaviour as sending a demand-for-money letter.


This one has got me beat. I can understand an algorithm reading photographs to determine speed, number plates, even faces, but I cannot see how it could determine whether a person is using a phone. There would have to be at least two cameras, two angles, and there would have to be a referral to a person to determine what is actually going on - is that a phone or a chocolate bar? Is he holding a phone to his ear or scratching his head? While I applaud the concept and the technology, it will be interesting to see if the necessary human resources are deployed to do the job properly.
And just a clarification, the figure of 11,000 drivers caught was over a month, not a day.


Some interesting options no doubt?

Eating or similar habits while driving may be just as great a hazard as picking up the mobile, given a need to take both hands off the wheel and use two hands at times while looking and opening the wrapper etc. Someone said that’s what your knees are for, to help steer while driving hands free! However knees apparently don’t see that well from under the dash. :eyes:

Knowledge that there is this camera tech out there may already be beneficial by causing drivers to reconsider some behaviours.

And unfortunately for some it may lead to loosing use of the roads except as a passenger.


You Really Can’t Help Stupid.



Concerns have also been raised about what happens with the photos taken in your car - how long are they kept? who looks at them? what else is done with them? who has access to them?