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New Android Security Flaw Discovered

An article regarding a serious security flaw having been discovered in Android phones, particularly with Google and samsung brands.


errm, not exactly new, it was patched in July! 9news needs to keep up.


Heh only on those phones that were able to get the patches. Really a lot of other manufacturers phones basically didn’t get their default camera app updates and the risk in these still remains. It’s old news for Google & Samsung phones but perhaps new news for other brand phones?? Google has advised this “A patch has also been made available to all partners”…so perhaps still a current threat for some?


Is the answer here in a more general approach.

If you choose Android only buy from one of the big two or three, and churn your phone every 12-24 months to be sure your updates don’t stop coming? Who wins most from the poor software development and security?

Typically many of the cheaper Android phones also appear to be last years model and may nor even come with the most recent version of Android, update status uncertain.

I wonder how many less tech savvy and older consumers buy on blind faith and confidence in the sales staff?


… is it ‘terrifying’ or ‘alarming’? or just simply bad journalism, which is almost a tautology on that site :wink: