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New Alzheimers Treatment Drug Clears Phase I Trial


A new drug to treat Alzheimers Disease has cleared phase i testing and is now moving to phase II.

Hopefully there will be some great news for present and future sufferers.



This appears to have good prospects as a treatment once they get to stage III. Still a way to go.

Is there a risk that as we get older, and effective treatments become available, us older ones will start to remember all those things we spent a lifetime trying to forget?

Include the possibility of being trapped by a virtual reality of remembering what 21 feels like, while lacking the ability to deliver on the dream! :roll_eyes:

Let’s just start by remembering the way home, at least one PIN number, and to bring the shopping list when I go out. :sleeping:


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An article regarding research by the University of California into preventing Alzheimer’s Disease.