Nestle - Uncle Tobys Bran Plus

Uncle Toby’s Bran Plus seems to have just disappeared. I’ve seen many comments on social media asking why this is, but I’ve not seen any response from Uncle Toby’s / Nestle. This product rated very highly in Choice tests, with the competition All Bran containing 25% more sugar. Is this another product lost to Australia following the company being taken over by Nestle? Are there any alternatives (not All Bran)?

Given the unresponsiveness of Nestle to consumer questions regarding the deletion or downsizing of Uncle Toby’s products, I’d like to find similar products made by Australian companies so that I can avoid Uncle Toby’s products, as I have no faith in the integrity of Nestle brands.



it is similar to UT Bran Plus and better than All Bran as far as sugar, fibre content etc goes.

I am not sure who makes it for Woolworths, but it contains at least 99% Australian ingredients.

I have been buying it for years, and very happy with it.


Thanks phb,
I try to avoid Woolies & Coles if I can, but it does look like a good product.


I have recently found the Woolworths High Fibre Bran when forced to look for an alternative to Uncle Tobys Bran Plus. Here is a brief comparison, per 100 gms, between these two and Kellog’s All-Bran:

Fibre - WW 42.1 gms; UT 34.1 gms; KA-B 28.0 gms
Sat Fat - WW < 1.0 gm; UT 0.9 gm; KA-B 0.9 gm
Sugars - WW 13.4 gms; UT 12.2 gms; KA-B 15.7 gms
Sodium - WW 300 mgs; UT 390 mgs; KA-B 330 mgs
Energy - WW 1220 kjs; UT 1350 kjs; KA-B 1420 kjs

Woolworths win hands down! On top of that, it tastes good :slight_smile:


Welcome @wanden.

Thanks for the comparison. Who would have thought there was such a big difference between products which should be near identical.

I’ll take a closer look at my rolled oats next time I make a purchase. I’ve always assumed they are the same product regardless of brand.


Welcome to the community @wanden, and thank you for the time taken to compile the different product nutritional panels. Excellent work.

We used to buy UT, but happened across WW High Fibre Bran (green box) and couldn’t agree more.

But, it shouldn’t be confused with the essentials processed bran sticks in the plastic bag…this isn’t one on our shopping list after trying once… eating cardboard comes to mind.

Indeed, those Bran Sticks rate very low in the flavour stakes!!

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