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Neck-band earphones with wireless or magnetic charger?

I have Meizu EP52 neckband earphones which work well.

But the cover of the micro-USB port on the earphones is starting to fall apart and I’m worried that I’ll have to find a replacement sometime soon.

Ideally, I’d like it to charge wirelessly, but I couldn’t find any neckband earphones which have that feature.

The closest thing, which would be acceptable, is SoundPEATS which has a magnetic wired charger but reviews on their sound quality are devastating. (

I’m not an audiophile and listen mostly to speaking podcasts, but I do appreciate good volume for my aging ears.

Earbuds (without the neckband) are out of the question - I love being able to leave them hanging on my neck and I keep hearing about people losing them.

I found the headphones review at but nothing there mentions such a feature.



I did a search using these parameters and got quite a few results you could look at.

I bought a pair directly from China that are IPX8 waterproof, and are quite good as an all purpose off the ear headphone. As you can see below, the charging is wired but non-penetrative, and magnetic so it lines itself up and connects automatically as soon as the wired end is near.


Thank you!

That search link is really useful.

I haven’t thought about bone-conducting options. I take it that you have good experience with them?



Yes, I have been using one for months now, and it is good. They can be left on even when not listening/talking if you wish, because they do not preclude hearing what is happening around you. The only inconvenience is if I sit in the car; the back of the band hits the headrest and moves the headset out of place.


I’m trying to find the model you wrote that you have. Can you give more precise details? Thanks.


I will message you with the details.

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Hi @meltam, how well do these work if you are wearing reading glasses or sunglasses?

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Interestingly, I wear spectacles and never even considered this question. I just assumed that it would work. Which it does.

The headset’s earpieces just sit on top of what you are wearing, whether it be glasses or hearing aid, or both.

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I also wear glasses all the time and they do not interfere with the earphones.

On the other hand, there are two downsides to these earphones:

  1. Their band is a bit too long and is relatively rigid, so if I lean on the back of a chair, for instance, they get pushed forward away from the jaw bone and volume deteriorates significantly.
  2. Volume is a bit low in general and since they don’t block out other noises, they are less suitable for environments with more than relative quiet (e.g. inside the supermarket is a bit too noisy for me to continue listening). On the other hand, at home, it’s a blessing because it means I can hear and talk to people without taking them off.

(I use them almost exclusively to listen to podcasts, which requires my attention, maybe it’s less of an issue when you just listen to music)

All in all, I’m still happy I got them, just can’t use them in all the situations.