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Nearly 50% Of imported Asian Food Contains Undeclared Allergens

A very concerning article regarding researchers finding 46% of imported Asian food contains undeclared allergies.

Wouldn’t be great if we had legislation that required imported products to be tested and properly labelled?

Just dreaming.

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I wonder if some of the challenges are that ingredients may be ‘lost in translation’. If one takes some of the herbs (including fruits and vegetables) and local spices, some of these may not have common English names. There are many local provenance plants in many Asian countries which haven’t been commercialised by are used in local cooking. An example which comes to mind is LuHao (one of my favourite vegetables) which grows on the river banks in the lower Yangtze River and has proven very difficult to commercialise. Most harvested is wild and is only sourced from such areas.

If they don’t have English names, then it would be very difficult to specify all the ingredients accurately.


But the detected allergens obviously do have English names or the researchers would not have recognised what they were.

Perhaps there were also other allergens without English names that they researchers were not aware of.