NBN Services at Addresses for Real Estate Searches

Many house hunters are selective because of the school zones and more recently buyers are interested in NBN connections. There was no existing topic that seemed appropriate but help (of sorts, even if imperfect) is on the way in the form of browser extensions.

Firefox finds two, that from the fluff article, NBN Availability Check, and NBN Availability Checker. It reports optimistic maximums based on the technology at the address, not real life numbers, and puts the data point up top with the address.


If I ever move, I will definitely be including Internet access as part of my criteria when considering a new home.


I’ve been able to use the NBN rollout map and check my address tool to determine which ‘lack of suitable technology’ is available in nearby areas.

A satisfactory building and pest inspection report is typically a condition of any purchase. Is the opportunity for those concerned with NBN connectivity to include an independent test of the connected service in the contract and a purchaser specified standard to be achieved?

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When I moved from Sydney to Dubbo 2 years ago, I knew that parts of Dubbo had FttP NBN, whilst other parts of town had only FttN. I used the NBN Roll Out website to check the NBN technology on houses I was looking at to buy. I indulged in ‘Real Estate Porn’ for quite some time before I made my move. But I only short listed houses with FttP.

Using the NBN Rollout Website, I found that there were streets here where all the odd numbered houses (1,3,5, etc) were FttP, but that all the even numbered houses on the street (2,4,6, etc) were only FttN. Some real estate agents here will put into the ad if the house has FttP NBN. And yes… FttP houses do command a higher price.

I arranged with my ISP to transfer from my Sydney address to my new Dubbo address in a specific date. I walked into my new house the day before the furniture arrived & was able to plug in my modem (brought from the old house) & had my internet up & running immediately. now, if only my removalists had been so good…