NBN Praise when praise is due!

Aaarrrgh, i am green with envy!! :slight_smile:


Rather than start a new topic?

Here is some recent recognition of the value of the NBN from an unexpected source. - The NBN of course! :roll_eyes:

Data consumption on the nbn ™ broadband access network has increased by almost 25 per cent in the past 12 months and almost half of all data (48%) is consumed outside of metropolitans areas.

I wonder how many customers that might be?
Approx 70% of all Australians live in capital cities and 85% in urban areas.

So somewhere between 15% and 30% of all Australians are the NBNs biggest customers. And they don’t live in the city.

The NBN does not provide public data on uptake or services by area or region, so it may be closer to 15% than 30%. Is it any surprise this high demand is found away from all the big cities?

How might this be note worthy, or even a positive? Is it representative of the differences between the city and country?

Edit note added (if this all seems a little confusing or it doesn’t quite add up, it is after all the NBN)

One might suggest as a simple observation;
The NBN has over serviced and wasted investment in the metropolitan market. An area where the demand is less due to competition and there is access to alternatives.

While in the country the NBN has under estimated the need. The delivered solutions cannot scale with greater demand. And the demand for services is greater than anywhere else.

Note in the referenced announcement the NBN has stated an additional $800M is being spent of delivering better regional services. Almost concurrently the NBN has taken $200M Out of the regional network budget for FW.

It’s all in the timing of the stroke played apparently. :wink: