NBN Might Warrant a Dedicated Category

Some of the NBN related threads appear to have overweighted audiences, implying a lot of consumer interest. Although Choice has work under way to assess aspects of our national network, the ‘NBN experience’ is more than bandwidth. The size of the readership suggests an NBN category with representation for NBNCo itself as well as for each of the RSPs, reminiscent of what has been done for the private health funds.

Because of the cataloguing style on the .community, NBN would be the category with locked threads (ie users could not just make random new topics) such as NBN Co, NBN-[RSP name], … , …


Good idea, thanks @PhilT. I’ve set up a new category here and added the existing topics: https://choice.community/c/electronics-and-technology/nbn

I’m going to investigate putting some similar review threads like the private health fund pages as well, stay tuned.

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