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NBN fixed wireless


I gather that, in some parts of the network, packets are going missing at alarming rates.


Will not be a problem here in the Glass House Mountains, Qld. Our local FW NBN tower was finally through LG planning and development approval end of Feb/March 2019!

The submitted planning approval shows a 56m tall tower next to a 30m tall forest that extends for up to 1km in some directions.

It remains to be seen if any one living close to the far side of the pine plantations (and in the wireless shadow) will ever get the NBN by FW. Guess you will need to be at least 500-750m clear of the nearest pines to have any hope.

Although the NBN plan shows all in our area being able to connect once the tower goes up?

A rough guess is that as few as 25 premises may be able to connect to the one cell pointing our way?


If you have Google Earth on a PC, you can do basic viewshed model which shows where the landscape shadows are and where direct line of sight is not possible. While not accurate, it gives an idea of likely shadow locations.

Might be useful for those about to sign up to NBN wireless.


For step-by-step instructions on checking transmitters, topography, terrain shadowing, etc:


Great tools and feedback @Drop_Bear and @phb.
I will see where they take me.

There are currently no signs of work starting on our tower. Supposedly to be all up and running with service Q4 2019. As it only links with microwave to the next town, perhaps this is possible. I have worked on one project with a new 3G tower and repeater. The longest part of the project was the tower footings. 3-4 months including concrete cure.

I have a 1.0m interval LIDAR derived contour map of our area as reference. The pine forest heights and density vary with age. The pine needles hold moisture after wet periods. I’m ignoring the classified native forest regrowth on our own property in this. It is still very immature, but grows fast too!

Generic issues might include some properties passing the NBN signal strength test one day but not the next after install complete? Worse as the forests mature and grow 25 years, some will loose signal over time. It seems a very unsatisfactory scenario if that comes to pass?

It’s not known how many customers are in the tower footprint? A guess from the NBN rollout map might be 200+? With a typical 50% uptake assuming all can get signal leaves the tower to serve 100 or fewer connected customers? Is this $8,000 per customer for tower costs alone? I have a vague recollection $800k is the average cost of an NBN tower inferred from their reports.


No surprises. Not very helpful.