Having recently joined the NBN via FTTC, the question arrises (from me, and not because anything has gone wrong :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:). I have copper from the kerb to my unit (which is 1 of three all on the ground - it is no hi-rise or townhouse situation). Who responsible for the upkeep or replacement of the copper wiring from the kerb to my unit if/when it breaks down. I have tried to find the answer via the internet, without success.


In the olden days of copper Telstra was generally responsible for the copper up to the connection box on your house. Today, from cached google hits, As a wholesaler, nbn is responsible for the infrastructure that connects your home .

The pages referenced by that cached text seem to have been changed so that is not referenced, but an indirect confirmation that is the case is at this page for new developments under the NBN responsibilities.

Should you want an authoritative reply, contact NBN directly by form or phone, both referenced on this page, or your RSP.


I would agree with @PhilT.

In situations where Telstra has handed over infrastructure to NBN, Telstra would no longer be responsible and NBN would be.


The copper phone lines serving units etc often come from the street as a single cable to a box and patch panel. There after they become consumer lines. Owner or BC responsibility under Telstra.

Perhaps your unit has a dedicated line with no patch panel out to the street. Similar to a house. One likely answer.

For the alternate situation with a box and patch panel (MFU) perhaps a different one. In either instance only the NBN knows for sure.

@PhilT has provided some relevant places to seek an answer.

Personal experience with a similar scenario, the NBN contacted the Body Corporate concerning the planned installation. The NBN were in possession of a site plan, copy provided to the NBN, including existing services details. It may be worthwhile checking how your copper line is routed after it leaves the street front, just in case! Our copper was made redundant by coax cable for HFC to each unit.


Thank you for your input.


Its a shame I could not find it on the internet as you have all been quick off the mark, thank you, and heres hoping I dont need any repairs.:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Ill be checking your comments as well, thank you.


To the network Termination Point/Device (NTD) is owned by the NBN Co ie the first port/connection in your house that the copper cable from the pit connects to (in the case of FTTC/FTTN/HFC). In HFC the Modem is considered the NTD (it is a special case). That is why if you wish to extend your cabling in your house after that first port the installer should be a licenced installer as they are connecting directly to NBN Co property and why at that point you are only supposed to connect nbn connection approved devices, subsequent devices after that do not legally need to be nbn connection approved.

In buildings that have a shared connection box the NTD is that box, after that the connections are the owners/Body Corporate responsibilities.

A diagram from the NBN Co Design Rules showing that the copper is considered part of the NBN Co owned network: