Natures Delight

Clearing marked on the front of Nature’s Delight pitted prunes, 100% Australian Owned and operated . Small print on the back , product of Chile . Purchased from local Fruit and Veg shop , would expect this from the big chains but not small local outlet ,2 Packets purchased first and last.


One can easy assume that a company which is Australian owned means it is also produced/grown in Australia. Unfortunately this is not the case as one needs to look at where it is made, produced or grown.

There are many companies which also give a false impression in relation to products or brands. Australian animals may be seen on packaging, even thought the product is foreign owned and/or imported product…labels may say things like 'specifically made or designed for Australia…but the product is imported and the list goes on.

This is why it is very important to check the label for the country of origin when in the shop, rather than making an assumption and later finding out this assumption was incorrect.

When we lived in Brisbane, we often found the smaller independent stores (supermarkets, green grocers, Asian/Indian supermarkets) more likely to have confusing labelling than the major ones. There has also been posts on this forum in the past where say for example Australian XYZ on the front of the packaging and on the back a sticker indicating it is imported product. In this case it is possible that the packaging was bought in bulk and subsequently the source of its contents changed…and the packer decided not to waste the packaging by throwing it out and buying more…and hoping a sticker would solve the mismatch label.


A classic case is my experience today whilst shopping at our local Coles when I noticed cans of asparargus and decided to buy one.

The two canned whole stalk offerings were Coles and Edgells in identical size and weight cans, with the Coles one priced at $2.50 and the Edgell one priced at $4.75, and when I looked closely at the labels, both were labelled as “Product Of Peru” as per much of our fresh asparagus when out of season in Australia.

Coles is still an Australian public company, hopefully majority owned by Australians.

Edgell proudly portrays their history on their website but is now just another subsidiary of US owned multi-national company Simplot.

So it becomes more of a case of supporting the Australian owned brand rather the the foriegn multi-national brand for a product which may well have originated in the same Peruvian factory, as well as retailing at almost twice the price in Australia.