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National Storage Pinelands (N.T.) Facility ~ Price Increases

I had my furniture in storage in Brisbane for 3 years and as a guide I was paying $140 per month with no increase for this period.
December 2018, I got quotes from various storage facilities in Darwin and decided to go with National Storage in their Pinelands facility.

The original quote was $138 per month but in June 2019 I received a letter from them advising that my rent would increase to $149 per month. Then just last week, 3 days before Christmas I was advised that another increase will be applied and the new rate, only 12 months after my first quote, would increase to $176 per month.
That’s a $38 monthly increase or $500 per year?
There’s no electricity, water etc involved and I find this increase excessive.
Consequently, I’ve moved my furniture!


A good answer. Out of curiosity did you have a go at negotiating and were they willing but did not make the number you needed, or was it a take it or walk reply?