National Product Review - A new review website?

Just saw an advertisement for

and thought it must be a new product review website.

Digging a bit deeper, it is far from a product review website but a new marketing opportunity for NARTA retailers to help you buy their products. Who is NARTA? It is

Deceptive or misleading…what are your thoughts?


Deceptive AND misleading.

edit - from the About: National Product Review partners with leading brands to create content that highlights the features and benefits of new products so you as consumers really know how products will benefit you!

If the brand says so it must be true :rofl:


You initially had me tricked as I expected it would be a review of National electronics products like thie clock radio my wife found this week whilst doing her spring clean.

We assume it must have come from her late uncle who used to work on cruise ships many years ago.

Of course, National was a former brand name for Panasonic.



Ouch! One to avoid. Within seconds I was asked to sign up as trusted reviewer. There were some product reviewers evident further down the page. The most eloquent of language extolling the virtue of the product as indispensable and perfect.

A suspicion is they have had some expert legal advise and ‘lie’ just on the side of not deceptive and not misleading. Hopefully the ACCC sees otherwise.

It’s a grand deception if one expects the site to be independent.
It’s misleading if one expects the site to be free of manufacturer or retailer influence.

It would be interesting to see how the site responds to a sample of genuinely made negative reviews. I don’t have any recent purchases from any of those products listed.

It would also be interesting to determine if one can post reviews of older products. EG last years no
longer available model that has failed early and outside the basic warranty.


Very misleading. Thank you for alerting us. As always I will rely on Choice for independent, timely and accurate reviews.


I completely agree

It is a website designed to forcefully sell products under the guise of helping consumers.