myGov scam

Keep an eye out for this one…

Also, it may be a timely reminder that using auto-fill password managers can be a preventative step to accidentally falling for scams like these. Password managers won’t auto-fill the scammers fake websites as the IP address to the genuine one is different. If it doesn’t auto-fill when it usually does, then don’t manually fill it in unless one types in the authentic web address oneselve (not using any links from anyone).

If the website never has allowed auto-filling, then don’t use any links to access your log in account. Use that saved in the password manager or the one you usually use. If it has changed for example, it is usually redirected to the new genuine log in website…and some password managers will update this log in page automatically/or do it manually.


Interesting. So is this a “MediScare”?


Great tip! :lock: :key:


Scammers scamming on the Government - nested scams you might say - scam on scam :wink: Good spot!


I never follow links on e-mails. Years ago I was told never to do this. Rather manually type the URL address into your web browser and then log into the site.

This simple advice has saved my bacon more times than I care to remember. As I’m with Telstra and use PayPal I get a lot of bogus email pretending to be from these organisations. And, over the years the fake web pages have become more sophisticated, to the point that you can barely discern a fake.

So, never click on a link unless you are 100% positive you are sure who it comes from. Better to type in the address manually and then check the real web site.


A bit of ‘icing’ from a few years ago just to illustrate how amateurish campaign implementations can be -


Maybe the next password manager review, it could be a parameter tested as it does have benefits to all users.


Will defintely pass on that suggestion :thumbsup:


Received the below MyGov scam attempt today. Hovering over the link reveals it directs to ‘Groovecomment2226598’, not too sure I’ll be sending them my details though.


You have a tax refund …

LMAO. That makes it obvious for me that it’s a scam right there. Unless it is a belated refund for FY18. A Nigerian Prince is more likely to be giving me money however.


Even the mygov address line is a dodgy one, they have just used the Office 365 Exchange domain setup to create the address. onmicrosoft is the default one the system provides.