Myga International Import & Export - N8 Branded Children's Sleepwear Recall. Sold Nationally By Simple Clothing

A recall notice for N8 Branded Children’s Sleepwear supplied by Myga International Import & Export Pty Ltd and sold nationally by Simple Clothing as the garments do not carry the fire warning label and may pose a potential fire risk to the wearer.


@Fred123 this not a criticism of your post but just a criticism of the language and advice they give in the recall about the garments.

I just love (read “dislike intensely” here) their language usage that the garments MAY pose a fire risk to the wearer because no label is affixed and that you should cease wearing them. Reality would say regardless of whether they had a label affixed or not the garments ARE a fire risk to a wearer and it is just whether they get exposed to a combustion source or not if they may ignite. Somehow the label becomes the saviour and if it had been applied you wouldn’t have to stop wearing them…now that makes me really laugh really hard.