Myer refused to honour price match

I decided to buy a Philips Airfryer. I found a few retailers selling the model I wanted online for $240-260 but needed to visit a shopping centre the next day anyway so decided to ask Myer to price match as they have a price match policy. Myer’s price was $329. One of the retailers selling online has physical stores in Australia, so met Myer’s ‘Competitive Pricing Policy’. I worked in retail for years so am familiar with price match terms and conditions - I made sure I was meeting all the conditions before I requested the match, and informed the staff member that I had met all their conditions. However the Myer staff member came back to me (presumably after checking with a manager) and said the price was too low so they wouldn’t match it. He didn’t even offer me a discount, that was the end of the conversation. I walked out and checked to see if David Jones had the product. Not only did they have it, but it was already the price I had asked Myer for ($244).

When I got home I contacted Myer about not honoring their policy and they wrote back “We’ve passed your feedback onto the relevant areas in management for further review - thanks for taking the time to let us know.” To me this is not good enough. I feel like they are not taking this seriously and I should take it further, even though I’m no longer interested in obtaining the price match from them. Choice has a great price match article but I’m still not sure of the best way forward - any suggestions? Or should I just drop it and move on with my life?!

P.S The Airfryer (HD9621) is awesome, highly recommended!


Myer price match has an interesting caveat.

‘Myer may Price Match if:…’

That makes it quite discretionary. Further

‘Myer will not match the competitor’s price if: (from the list) It is below our cost price’

It seems it is not a very robust ‘price match’ although no business wants to lose money, so that part might be common to others.[quote=“jess, post:1, topic:15400”]
Or should I just drop it and move on with my life?!

That would probably be the least stressful since they are working within their stated policies.


No, you should post here as you have done, so we all know :slight_smile: and because:

It inspires others to look closely at their policy - and I agree, based on that I wouldn’t bother even trying, so this post has potentially saved me some very valuable time (as my nearest Myer is 1500 Km and trips rare, my shop time is precious).

Also, this experience will be indexed and help future people who search for Myer’s less than useful price match policy.


Their policy also states “an Online Only offer”.

While some businesses may have an bricks and mortar store which may (or may not) sell the product in store the same price as that advertised on their web page, we have found that stores like JB HiFi, Harvey Norman will only price match if the bricks and mortar store is in the same region (usually within SE Qld). I have questioned this and have had the same response from both these stores…that if I chose to buy the discounted item online from a store based in another capital city, I would be up for the cost of delivery on top of the discounted price.

The items which we were purchasing were still slightly cheaper (about 5%) when bought online, when delivery is also added to the online price, but we still decided to buy it in a local store after they gave a price between their regular price and that online (inc. delivery).

I can see where they are coming from as an online price is not the same as an in store price, when the online bricks and mortar store is significant distance away and one would also need to pay for delivery as well. Possibly the in store *such as the Myer price", should be compared to the fully delivered prices for the same item from a more remote store. This maybe should be the basis for negotiations and they may be willing to move closer to the deliver price from the online store.

The other thing to consider, Myer also don’t know if the online price is the same as the price in their competitor’s bricks and mortar store. Also they don’t know if the competitor has the product in store available for purchase (and the price given not a end of model sell off for example where there are no items left for purchase).

I see that Bing Lee (who sells the Airfrier for $244 ex delivery) has a more understandable/clearer price matech policy and has clauses in their price match policy to remove any doubts.


Shops that strictly enforce that aspect make a call to the competitor and ask or check their website.

I find there are two types of businesses. One tries to find ways ‘not to do’ and others try to find ways ‘to do’ or at least make an effort to accommodate.


Don’t disagree, but if the competitor is not a local competitor, there is less willingness to do so…which I can understand because it is possible that if the customer was planning to buy on line at the cheaper price (inc. delivery), they wouldn’t be in store trying to buy the same item at the same price.


That is always possible but the OP stated there was time and place utility for the shop, eg

It comes to personal expectations and experiences as much or more than T&C when there is a ‘may’ in the ‘price match’ equation.

Getting knocked back is one thing, not getting any discount offer in return is another, and going to DJ’s who has the product at the desired price was a lost sale and a dissatisfied/lost customer as well as poor PR.

BTW, I read Myer is struggling and in a world of hurt with rumours DJ might do a takeover bid (that is so far denied).


I suppose it does raise the question whether a retailer is obliged to serve/sell items or can refuse to (in the case where they don’t want to match a price for a particular and potentially undisclosed reason)?


When I go in to businesses to price match online prices I include delivery to my home. I then ask them to give me their delivered price for the same item. That way there is no question about it not being a level playing field.

I have been told by stores that the price I had is lower than their buy price, so they can’t help me. Generally, I (like @phb) get some concession in pricing, and then it’s a question of whether I pay a bit more and have it in hand immediately, or do I wait to save the money.

Price matching can be situational, and just because they wouldn’t help this time, doesn’t mean that on another occasion they won’t. Keep trying.


Bunnings does the same thing all the time, uses all sorts of inane excuses to weasel out when you show a competitors product at a cheaper price.
But as we have seen from the Banking RC the watchdog regulators that are supposed to keep big business honest are not exactly attack dogs more like lap dog poodles.


I can see how that would be annoying.All i can suggest is it pays to shop around


Myers prices seem higher than most, I have purchased 2 Electrical items there recently and did notice later that there prices were quite a bit higher than most, may be there rent is higher… Jonny


Myer also has a presence on Ebay and I don’t like their pricing there as well.


I remember trying to get a price match a few years ago and being told they don’t price match on line pricing funny thing was I wanted them to price match their own website pricing haven’t bothered trying again and rarely shop their as I like to research on line before going and know they probably won’t match the price


I wouldn’t worry about the Myer claim as you didn’t check the conditions closely. Along the same lines as this, many credit cards have price drop coverage. If the store drops the price within a few months you can claim the difference. It has to be the same store though. Many people don’t check if they have this coverage.


This has been happening to me quite a bit lately at Myer as well. I’m a Myer One Member so I like to buy as much as I can at Myer for the points but increasingly Myer can’t match what ever special another retailer is offering…usually because the special elsewhere is cheaper than their cost price. They often have checked with a supervisor to be sure.
While this sounds hard to believe I just make sure the person knows that they are missing out on a sale & are they sure - the answer has always been “Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it”
No wonder Myer shares are almost worthless & they are loosing money big time as a business.


This happened to me twice at the Shellharbour store.