My Zone P/L - Excellent customer service

Recently, the hydraulic cylinder started failing on an ergonomic chair from My Zone Pty Ltd originally purchased from Office Works. The chair was 4 years old and out of warranty. I contacted My Zone asking if I could purchase a replacement hydraulic cylinder or have it repaired. I was able to provide the original purchase receipt. Within 24 hours I had a response saying if I provided my address, a replacement cylinder would be sent to me free of charge and in less than a week, the brand-new cylinder arrived. fantastic customer service.


Hi @psmart86. Welcome to the group.

It’s great that you received such good customer service. Thanks for letting us know.

I have had a look at Office Works and can’t find any office chairs when I search for ‘My Zone’. What brand or name was it sold under?


@psmart86 I too had a good experience buying a good chair from OfficeWorks. Always good service for me and I love that they’ll email you a receipt so you don’t have to keep fading paper receipts, especially when your item is high value with several years warranty.

Just curious about the non-appearance of MyZone as a chair brand. Googled via images and got this - wondered if it was the same one you bought Professional Ergonomic Extra-Heavy-Duty Mesh Chair Black | Officeworks ? Otherwise would be interested in the link to yours if you come across it.


Sold as PROFESS ERGC EXHD Fabric Chair.
The accompanying Warranty information refers you to My Zone Pty Ltd, 56 Butler Way, Tullamarine, VIC,


See Reply to other comment about My Zone Pty Ltd which is where the Warranty claim was handled.
The chair is very, very similar to the one you have identified to point I would say is identical but back looks like mesh from your cross reference whereas the one I have is padded fabric but otherwise seems identical.
If you look underneath the seat, there will be some product information and should be a reference to My Zone Pty Ltd.


Thanks @psmart86 & @consumanon . With that info, others can find those chairs.