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Am writing this on behalf of my niece. She booked a return flight to Paris via My Trip. She paid $2341 for the ticket. She cancelled the tix due to COVID at least a few months before the date of travel. She bought the ticket with her friend and so far they have only refunded $1441 to her friend. She also wanted to delay the flight by a month and they made her pay an additional $900 on top of the $2341. My niece is only young and has never booked travel tix before. I am now getting involved as her aunt so am writing on here to ask for avenue’s on where I could go to 1) try and get more money back for her and 2) get this company stopped from trading in Australia.

Am pasting below part of her email to the company;

*The situation is a bit complex because I purchased the tickets along with a friend of mine and we got her dad to pay for both of them through his account which I immediately payed him back for. Later we both decided to refund our tickets and she was able to get her refund from MyTrip, however, my tickets have yet to be refunded even though the agency has logged the tickets as being refunded on the website. *

I’ve spent countless hours on the phone to this agency over the past few months, calling every day at some points but I am getting nowhere with them and feel helpless against the noncommittal conversations I’ve held with their customer service agents.

I’ve also tried to contact this company and each time I keep getting ‘we are working on the refund response’ but nothing ever happens.

When I google their site it say’s they are located in Yamba NSW but after making a complaint to AFTA they advised that this company is using an address in YAMBA this is a cafe and their real office is in Sweden.
Also, when you look at reviews for this company its shocking;

Where would be the best place to report them? Note have already submitted a complaint to NSW dept of fair trading.

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That’s right. The headquarters are in Sweden. Part of the Etraveli group.

You really do take pot luck in dealing with offshore companies with Internet based systems.


thanks, any idea where I would report them? if you read the reviews they have ripped off so many people

There isn’t much more you can do, and even if the NSW Dept of Fair Trading make a ruling in your favour, whether they adhere to the ruling is another matter (ProductReview doesn’t give one much faith that they will). isn’t a business registered in Australia or has an Australian presence. Taking it further and/or enforcing a refund may be challenging.

Another avenue, hoping your niece took out travel insurance at the time the holiday was being booked, is to contact the travel insurer to see if the are any possibilities of making a claim under the travel insurance policy.


This may be an expensive learning experience.

Whilst Product Review can be subject to false reviews, if you filter to only see verified reviews, you can get a good idea of issues before contemplating handing over your money.

I don’t ever use these aggregating sites for travel.

I either use a travel agent with a bricks and mortar presence in my location, or go directly to the travel or accomodation provider’s own booking site.

Particularly if one is new to travel some confidence in dealing with an Australian company I think trumps getting the cheapest deal if things go wrong.


It’s how I booked my first few OS adventures. All long before the internet and the flood of travel sites. When working FT one has to make the most of annual leave. Travel and accommodation needs to be reliable. Add in losses for flying time and time zones. Who needs the stress of issues and dealing at arms length with a bot. Of course today many Aussie travel providers have also demonstrated their lack of reliability and customer good will.

Is the leaned wisdom those who take the cheap options boast of the savings and how great a time. Those who are caught out are less likely to vocalise, self guilt and remorse hushing the negatives. The peer group can also be a poor guide of one is not equally well travelled.

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I just want to warn people not to use them again, there is not one favourable comment about them in the reviews. They have ripped everyone off so it seems.

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Placing a post here will come up high on Google searches (Choice uses SEO services with Google to push their content high on searches) and is an effective method to warn others if they do a basic search for MyTrip if they are unsure of the businesses credibility. There is enough posted in this thread to hopefully make anyone cautious about using them or other foreign based aggregate type booking platforms.

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