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My GE Money was in credit and they have decided to just absorb the credit - is this legal?


Hello. I recently got a letter from Lattitude Financial Services (formerly GE Money). They advise me that they are clearing up their accounts and my account had a small credit of $4.95 credit in it. They then go onto say that they have now debited the amount and my account now has a balance of 0.

$4.95 is the monthly charge when your account has a balance on it so at some point I must have overpaid.

Can they do that?.Yes it is a very small amount but if they have 50,000 of these accounts with a small credit that adds up to over $247500 in extra money they get


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Latitude has been doing this to many customers. There are a few similar posts in the Spot A Shonky thread so I added this to that thread. I could have moved those here, but Latitude is still looking shonky. Perhaps Choice needs a special ‘Latitude is Shonky Thread’ ?