Mushrooms On Toast

If you like mushrooms on toast or other ways, this is my version.

I buy flat Portabella mushrooms when Coles have stock and they are fresh, slice them, and cook them in buttery pro-activ. I then add 1 or 2 small cans of Coles sliced mushrooms, depending on the amount of mushrooms I used. The Coles brand is from the USA whilst the Edgell sliced mushrooms are from Belgium and are nowhere near as nice.

I eat it on a toasted slice of Coles multigrain toast bread. I always have enough for several days so the next few breakfasts are even quicker. Can also be used as a mushroom sauce for steaks.


(I can never leave a straight line, begin apologies)

From the title I thought this thread was going to be about our pollies views of us voters.



I thought it was an advertisement for Coles.


Fred, could you remind us where you get all the ingredients?


You dont happen to work there by any chance? :wink:


Of course. They give me a $1 bonus for every can of mushrooms sold.
No. I actually don’t work anywhere anymore, but I am happy to provide feedback on products and services I am happy with.
I could buy the items from our local Supa IGA, but I prefer to stick with what I have found works best for me, especially after the baker we used to buy our multigrain bread from sold his business and the new owners changed the flour. After trying a number of bakeries, I found that the Coles bread is just as good and only $1.80 per loaf instead of $3.60.
As we only use it for toast and toasties, apart from an occasional steak sandwich., we store it in the fridge and it lasts perfectly for weeks.
And speaking of steak sandwiches, I visited our local Supa IGA yesterday to buy a pack of their premium rib fillet steak they have in their latest catalogue for $26.99 Kg. I selected a pack and then put it back when I discovered they also had premium eye fillet at the same price.
Last night’s steak sandwich was delicious but tonight I plan to have steak with some my “Coles” mushroom sauce and veggies.
P.S. No, I don’t work for IGA either.


Thanks Fred. It’s 30k’s to our nearest Coles so might need to put this off as we don’t know when they deliver their fresh portobello mushies. Have to agree with your choice of the portobellos. Beats the supermarket preferred button style for taste and colour.


Oops. I did overlook my declaration of interest regarding Coles.
I forgot that I did actually did work at Coles in my year 10 Xmas holidays selling house paint and such like. Way back then they didn’t sell groceries and meat, and only stocked a limited range of fruit & veggies.
Humble apologies.

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The portabella mushrooms cook down to a lovely dark brown/black colour reminiscent of the field mushrooms we would collect after thunderstorms many years ago.
They also taste like the field mushrooms, minus the grit, but don’t really taste that great on toast by themselves.
The canned sliced mushrooms look disgusting and I would not eat them by themselves, but when combined with the cooked portabella mushrooms and allowed to simmer for a while, the combination is just right.


Our rural environment has a large number of growers including those who indulge in the dark arts of fungi. The local fruit and veg buys firstly locally and therefore seasonally. There is usually a good choice and no need to rely on tins as we used to decades past. Married a city girl, so foraging our ex pine forest is no go. There are so many different fungi that pop up after rain that look similar it is not worth the risk any more.

Nothing against tinned food. Best container for a chilled and dark Irish :shamrock:️ Staple.


On several visits to our local Coles recently, they had only 6 Portabella mushrooms left, only one left, a few not fit for purchase left, only the empty box left, and yesterday not even the empty box.
So, I was amazed that this afternoon they not only had stock but had 2 boxes still quite full and super fresh.
How much more appealing do these look in comparison to the awful rapidly deteriorating prepacked mushrooms in plastic punnets covered in cling wrap.


I watched a documentary on SBS this afternoon titled “Favourite Foods - Are They Good for You?” and, as usual, it was a great program
The real eye-opener was the segment about mushrooms where it was said that whilst they do not contain any vitamin D as they are grown in the dark, by simply placing the purchased mushrooms out in the sunlight for one hour, they absorb the light and become rich in vitamin D which they retain even if they are then stored in the fridge.


An article regarding the very fortunate rescue of a person lost in the bush in Qld for a week who survived by eating wild mushrooms.

And unless he was very knowledgeable in identifying toxic mushrooms and edible mushrooms, probably even more fortunate he was not poisoned by them.

The only Portabella or Swiss Brown mushrooms I could find the other day was a 375gm pre-pack of small Portabella ones at our local Coles, and as I only used less than half to make our savoury filling mixture for our breakfast omlettes, I decided to use the remainder for mushrooms on toast.

The Coles cans have a different appearance and now come from Mexico.

The ring pull tab on the first can which was dated BB 01/2023 would not work and had to be lifted with a spoon handle after which it was almost impossible to get it completely off the can.

I was finally greeted with a can of watery yellow liquid which I drained off.

The second can which was dated BB 12/2022 opened corectly and did not have anywhere as much watery yellow liquid.

I cooked the sliced fresh mushrooms in butter and then added the contents of the 2 cans and simmered the mixture for around 20 minutes.

When I started eating it on toast, I was extremely surprised and disappointed to find that the contents from the cans were quite hard.

Very disappointing.

Whilst there are many great fresh and packaged food products from Mexico, starting with the world’s greatest beer, Corona Extra, these Coles mushrooms are definitely not one of them.

Interestingly, the Coles website shows the same can label but states that it is a “Product of USA”.

Perhaps they woke up. I will check it out when I return the 2 unopened cans of the Mexican product for a refund.

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