Mr Chen’s Frozen Products - Ginger Prawn Dumplings

Not a Product Taste Review,
Unless it is the packaging that is being assessed for appeal?

Does this product illustrate all that is wrong with product packaging and labelling in Australia today. Is this why others are saying the Federal Government is failing with packaging legislation for processed and packaged products?

The Product pack shot!
Note it is a Handmade Product, and has a Healthy Meal button, encompassing a stylised medical heart. Wow, a real seafood button too!

It must get lots of health stars?
Oh, not one, the use of health stars is voluntary!

But the side panel of the pack says.

Well, we now know the serving size is one each. Stingy host if a party meal.
Looks a bit salty. Still it says it is a ‘Healthy Meal’ so it must be OK to eat at least half a pack, otherwise it would be just a snack?

I like Aussie made. Look at the big panel on the back of the pack. Good news here?

Wow, it is Preservative Fee, a Family Business, and Australian Owned!
Not even one word about being made from local and imported ingredients. None of those little boxes with percentages to confuse.

But wait! What is that in the bottom corner of the other edge of the box?

Made in Vietnam!

Cheaper than a trip to Hanoi and tasting strongly of prawn and ginger topped up with a good dunk in soy sauce or favourite stock.

Still can’t be sure where they got the ingredients from? They do not need to say. Still there is no mistaking the ginger and prawn flavours, and the perfectly cooked wrapping! As good as the local take away?

Is this packaging misleading, deceptive or illegal?


I posted my comments regarding Mr Chen;s Dumplings under another topic in Oct 18.

A little bit dodgy but at least they are delicious.

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Agreed they taste pretty good.

Thought it need a refresh from a different perspective, given the current discussion around health stars and food labelling in general.

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It’s a bit too clever. I agree that country of origin of materials and health stars should be compulsory.

On the plus side the product isn’t filled with fat, sugar or salt and tastes pretty good. There isn’t a huge list of numbered ingredients and it has some texture. Industrial food done fairly well.

If exactly the same thing was made from local ingredients and by locals do you think you would get it for that price?


It’s a good point about the price.

The same applies to most items we import.
We can’t make it as cheaply in Australia, and most will not pay a premium for local product. It might not just be about wages? Production volumes and margins are also a factor in local production.

Having to import food products is probably less desirable in respect of national self reliance.
But then we also sell lots of stuff to the rest of the world, by creating big holes all over the country.

I don’t have any issue with the packaging…with exception of possibly inclusion of healthy stars which would be impacted by the moderate sodium levels (and low fibre). One would have to consume about 4 packets of the dumplings to exceed the recommended maximum upper sodium intake levels…assuming that no other food was consumed during the day.

As an occasional food, seems okay and better than many other quick foods available to the consumer, many of which exceed the intake levels with only one serve…the ABC covered some children’s meals recently…

Choice has also covered hidden salt in foods as well…

We also like jiaozi and hutong (Chinese dumplings) but make them ourselves are home made ones are far nicer (fresher) and cheaper than prepackaged ones. It also allows one to change the filling flavours depending on seasonal availability of vegetables. They also freeze well and are a quick meal when one doesn’t want to spend much time preparing an evening meal.


All of the above! :frowning: