Motorcycle tyres

A motorcycle tyre review would be good to see ! :wink:


Great idea. I prefer a moderately soft compound and fairly high tyre pressure (44F and 46R) for reliable cornering grip in an otherwise gentle ride style (still on original chain and brake pads after 50k km). But even so I only get around 8000km before end of life. I wonder if there might be better choices.


I tend to go 42 front and rear - For the road bike I got 2000k out of the factory tyres, never more than 5000k out of a rear since then. Continental forget it. Pirelli GT Angel dual compound seemed ok at around 5000k and now trying Michelin Road Pilot 4. On the dual sport its Heidenau K60 Scout, with 10k or so, so far, on the last rear. The dual compound is a good choice for locations without too many corners :wink:

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I would love to see an independent test of M/C tyres. The amount of hype and bullshit around them has gone on forever. Being a rider for around 50 years I have heard it all. I can say that I average about 6000ks from a rear tyre on almost any of my large bikes (over 1 litre). However longevity and grip are not necessarly related, nor is price a great indicator.
Yep bring on a test.


I suspect @BrendanMays may be lobbying on your behalf as well as volunteering to test.

Good tyres mean less likelihood he will need a Pain Erazor :wink:


… don’t even think about the pain !! The argument for good tyres of course runs both ways - if its a good Z rated then the sky is limit, but put a T rated tyre on and keep it in second gear - less need for the Pain Erazor :wink: