Mother's Day gift guide

Our Mother’s Day gift guide has some ideas for you to spoil your mum.

Please add your own suggestions to the comments below.


Some that come to mind are hand made cards, fresh flowers, a hug, a tandem parachute jump, a nice telephone call or a visit, take her to a movie she really would like to see, a special breakfast or a meal (either at a restaurant or fully cleaned up afterwards if at home), a nice pair of warm slippers or bed socks, a pedicure, and I would hazard a long list of other activities or gifts that appeal to that wonderful Mum.


Thanks @grahroll :+1: And thanks also for your feedback on our original list, hopefully this is an improvement.


:smile: I think the list is a nice improvement (not so much household drudgery included). I really like the new ideas much more and they appeal more to my Wife so they get our tick of approval (which isn’t probably worth much to the wider public but is high honour in this house).


I don’t want to spoil the party - my mum is great, can talk under wet concrete etc etc, drives me and others mad at times, but wouldn’t trade her for anything … I make sure to remind her I’m thankful :slight_smile:

… but one of the things that seems somewhat forgotten on both mothers and fathers day is that some kids either have neither or one/other missing, or one/other is ‘not wonderful’ for want of a better way of putting it - leave it all to one parent, or guardian. For this reason I think just the celebration of mother/fatherhood somewhat misses the point - for me it is a privilege and a big responsibility to be a parent, not to mention a challenge, but one I chose - which any parent has always chosen, one way or another. For me it is a time of sharing, both ways, to celebrate the relationship - not ‘Christmas for the parent’ … I wish the commercial emphasis was more ‘family unit’ and less ‘celebrating elders’ - thats how I like it with my kids.