Most Unhealthy Supermarket Foods

An interesting slideshow of 50 unhealty supermarket foods.

I was surprised by a few of them such as the bottled green tea.

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Being Reading Digest, I am a bit dubious about their list. It may be an opinion piece and looks like article is US origin. There are a lot of products which have higher sugar, fat and salt contents than those nominated.

Maybe a better headline should have been “50 foods that many Americans don’t realise aren’t healthy”.


I find the click through web slideshow format intensely annoying because:

  • It wastes time by puffing out a little content into an epic that takes much longer to read than if the article was presented more plainly.
  • It takes the web news maxim “you gotta have a picture with it whether it is useful or relevant” to an absurd degree, this is part of the inflation. If put on one page it would be a badly illustrated comic book that few would read.
  • You cannot skim and concentrate on the bits that may be of interest, this is deliberate.
  • It is frequently organised into a countdown towards the supposedly more interesting. Sometimes the order seems almost arbitrary but if it is actually sorted the lower ranked items are often padding to make up the number. This is also deliberate, it is to get you to keep clicking until the bitter end, there is always hope that it will get better.

Why would anybody deliberately generate such a poor communication format that wastes so much time? It’s simple, money. The whole purpose it to make you see not one set of advertisements but many. If you are a marketdroid what’s not to like? The aims of informing and/or entertaining are very much secondary to the advertising.

No I didn’t step through all of them - it only took 3 to convince me there was no future in it.