More Cadbury chocolate curiousities

I wish to nominate our local Coles supermarket for another Spot-A-Shonky Award.

Whilst shopping there today, I noticed that the (currently) 200 gm blocks of Cadbury Fruit & Nut Chocolate were on special for $3 each, save $2 each, so the normal price is $5 each.

Near them were the (currently) 350 gm blocks of Cadbury fruit & Nut Chocolate for the normal price of $5.

So the extra product, packaging and shipping for a 350 gm block does not cost any more than those for a 200 gm block.

As Pauline said, “Please explain”?


Woolworths is doing exactly the same with 250 gm blocks at normal price of $5 each and 350 gm blocks now “price dropped” to $5.

Perhaps a Spot-AShonky Award for Woollies aa well.


is this another marketing mind game and way of getting is to buy the larger $5 blocks?
Here we are seeing an obvious rip off and react by purchasing the 350gm $5 block because it appears a great deal. Smart shopper - not? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Are there other products with similar strategies, that would suggest it is all just another marketing con to make us think we are getting a bargain when in fact even the regular price is still highly profitable?

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