Mobile's: Samsung A33 vs Iphone 11

I have the option to upgrade my Samsung mobile through work. I can either get a Samsung A33 or Iphone 11. Does anyone know which is better? Pre-requisite is a good camera.

Both phones are included in subscriber-only content in the current smart phone online review.

Members are asked to respect Choice IP.

The review is in the Dec-Jan issue available from many libraries but the ranges of phones included are not as inclusive as the online review. eg The iphone 11 is represented but not the A33.


Have you considered the age of each model and whether they are both brand new mobiles?

Do you need 5G as well as 4G?

I’ve two mobiles, one an older model iPhone. The other a low cost equally old Android Sony as a backup on a different network. A newer dual sim phone appeals. Would I go for the mobile OS I now know best?

I found the Choice member content and review provided useful guidance on the features and relative performance. I can answer the first 2 questions above without the Choice review. Which of the two has the better screen, takes the better pics or video, has clearer audio, real world better battery life, etc I’d not rely on Apple’s or Samsung’s website.


Is there a comparison link to phone’s on the Choice website? so I can compare between the 2 models?

Yes, behind the subscription wall, but it does not compare tech specifications per se, it compares Choices ‘scores’.


Second item on the list.

There is a button at the top of the page to join.
The reviews allow multiple products (up to 6?) to be selected and compared side by side per @PhilT previous post.


No idea but this (I assume) international site has some spec comparisons Compare Samsung Galaxy A33 5G vs. Apple iPhone 11 - assuming they’re offering you the A33 5G version? I immediately notice that the Apple option is almost 3 years older than the Samsung? I wonder when each one will stop getting support and updates including security upgrades? You were interested in camera quality too. You might like to have a play with the GSMArena Photo Compare Tool Photo compare Samsung Galaxy A33 5G vs. Apple iPhone 11 - .