Mobile Phone & Seat Belt Detection Cameras

The new mobile phone detection cameras are working an absolute treat in NSW.

Over $60 million in 12 months. A nice little earner. Now they just need to increase it to $1,000 in line with Qld.

“Money from fines is reinvested in the Community Road Safety Fund”.

At $1,000 a pop, they will be able to gold plate the roads.

… seems there are solutions to the seat belt problem …

… need a right hand drive version, or just buy a left hand drive car :wink:


Now Qld will be able to do likewise.

I can’t believe that there is a 3 month grace period, as if the idiots continue at the same rate as during the 6 month trial period, the Government would get around $8 million in revenue.

A nice little earner.

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Whilst driving yesterday, I saw a vehicle which was initally driving normally until it turned into another road, whereupon it started to cross over the bike lane, painted traffic islands, dual continous white lines and broken white lines.

I would be amazed if the driver had not started to use his mobile phone.

Hopefully, he will be one of the first paying customers.

Roll on 01.11.2021.

Another article regarding the idiocy of some motorists.

Perhaps an IQ test as well as a driving test should be compulsory to get a driver’s licence.

It’s in Queensland, what might they discover?

And the award for Idiot Of The Day goes to.

"When stopped, the 19-year-old male driver produced a NSW P2 provisional licence which is restricted to a maximum speed of 100km/h. At the time, there were no P-plates displayed on the vehicle.

The driver then inadvertently dobbed himself in for the mobile phone offence.

According to the NSW Police Highway Patrol Facebook page, when the driver was advised police would be confiscating and suspending his driver’s licence on the spot for six months, he took out his mobile phone to call a friend to come and pick him up.

“As the driver unlocked his phone, police observed a video to be playing, which depicted the driver filming himself one-handed with his mobile phone, whilst driving at high speed, immediately prior to being stopped by police.

“Subsequent enquiries revealed the driver resides in the Canterbury-Bankstown (local government area) and was breaching the Public Health Orders, as he was absent from his home address without a reasonable excuse.”

The driver was issued penalty notices totalling $4174 and 13 demerit points. [Exceed speed limit over 45km/h ($2547 and 6 demerits), P2 licence holder use mobile phone while driving ($352 and 5 demerits), not display P-plates ($275 and 2 demerits), and Breach Public Health Order ($1000 and 0 demerits)."


Tassie looks to join the club.


Tomorrow is D Day for idiots in Qld.



Just in case anyone is wondering what the new moveable mobile phone and seat belt detection cameras actually look like, here is one I passed today.

They appear to work on a shoot first and ask questions later mode as it was flashing as each vehicle went past.

For any idiots who were using their mobiles whilst driving and/or were not wearing a seatbel on Pease Street in Cairns today and missed the camera, don’t fret.

Your souvenir photo will be arriving in time for Xmas.


Some 50 years of seat belt legislation yet some idiots still don’t get the message.

The vehicles I bought prior to seat belts being compulsory were already fitted with seat belts and I made sure that any passengers as well as myself were wearing them.

Shortly before their introduction, we were driving from Townsville to Ingham in the Authority’s vehicle when the muppet who was driving did not slow down for the old low level Crystal Creek bridge some 70km North of Townsville, despite facing a give way sign.

A vehicle travelling South had just started crossing the bridge, and the muppet slammed on the brakes, whereby the vehicle slammed into the high enbankment on one side, then the other side, and finally the first side again, resulting in it being written off, but we managed to stop before the bridge.

Fortunately we were both wearing seat belts and did not suffer a scratch.

The other driver may well still be suffering from PTSD.

Yes. You really just can’t help stupid.

Around $2 million in fines and idiots losing the licences they got out of cereal packets.




Oh please Victoria, bring this on too.

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