Mobile phone protective screen and case

Hi Just purchased a new mobile phone and seeking help in selecting best screen protector and case. Unable to find any reviews on Choice. Thank you

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Hi @tmodel645, welcome to the community.

We usually buy ours online (e.g. eBay) and prefer the wallet type phone covers (ones that have a flap which folds over the screen and is magnetic to keep flap closed- just like this one). Last ones we bought for our Vivo phone was about $12 delivered

Check your phone doesn’t come with a manufacturer installed screen protector. Some manufacturers have these as standard on some of their phone (e.g. Vivo).

The flap may also reduce the requirement for a separate screen protector. We also find the flap protects the screen better than a screen protector alone, especially if placed in a pocket or handbag with other things.

Choice won’t possibly review individual covers as there are numerous ones often available for each phone model. Possibly they could provide general advice (advantages/disadvantages) of each type of cover.


There are so many different products, styles, mobile phone options and variations in user needs.

I’ve read a number of reviews over time in various consumer tech magazines. It may assist to search the web for case and screen protector reviews using your brand and or model of mobile. I only go to web resources I’m familiar with and look at recent reviews (6-12 months max).

Some of the Choice Community members might be able to offer some personal experiences of cases for the same model of mobile. Are you able to advise how the mobile will be handled and used?

I used to work on construction sites. I purchased an expensive (approx $90) Otter brand water resistant and rubberised casing for my iPhone 4S. Fat and ugly but super effective.

These days the latest big branded mobiles are typically water resistant and have a damage resistant screen. My current iPhone lives either on the charger or in a pocket. I get by with a basic one piece pull on cover and glass based screen protector.

The cover was selected at a shopping centre case store model with extra cushioning around the sides. I also find without a case the iPhones tend to slip very easily from my hands. A suitable case solves this, mostly. Must be an age thing!

The glass screen protectors may not be good value depending on handling. I found the lower cost plastic based protectors are also good, but tend to scratch and mark requiring replacement more often with frequent use. YMMV.

I’ve previously damaged at least one mobile screen due to a key in the bag pressing against it. One good reason to get a case with front flap, or change how the mobile is handled if it’s in use often during the day.


Try looking at the range of cases from Casetify . I have friends who have purchased online from them and were more than happy . Find the link below .


Glass screen protectors can be as cheap as 5 for a few dollars on ebay or 1 for $15 or more in a shop. The ‘trick’ to putting most of them on is that once they touch the screen that is their position forever as many will crack easily if you try to remove them so be careful because you might only get one go.

Some screen protectors reduce the phones ability to sense finger touch almost imperceptibility, and other make operating the phone a drudge. IME as time has gone on there are mostly the former tytpe but always good to note any claims in the advertising or salesman’s advice.

I used to buy Otters,but because of their bulk bought a Tudia brand that has served very well including drops on tile.


Some people only protect the back and side with phone cases. I think that the most important thing to protect is the screen. So when we purchase our iPhones, I have Apple put on a Belkin glass screen protector at a cost of about $45-$50.

Apple have template machines for current models that position the screen protectors perfectly. Once applied they are virtually invisible, except for being able to see the edges. Apple also provide a warranty for the screen protector.

I figured it was cheaper to replace screen protectors than screens.

I have also bought and applied screen protectors myself. I found them to vary considerably in quality and thickness. It can be quite finicky to put one on perfectly aligned and without air bubbles.

In addition, our phones are also kept in flip cases that have a fold over cover (with a couple of credit card size slots) for the screen, as well as covering the sides and back, with appropriate cut-outs. I have bought these from K-Mart (the cheapest place), cheap stores, phone stores, and often directly from China. The products sold in the stores largely comes from China, and I have been able to buy identical cases for a fraction of the store price. The exception is K-Mart who often sell at a similar price to what I buy at from China.

I think that the choice of style of case will really depend on how you hold, use, and store your phone.


I buy my screen protectors and cases on eBay. They are a fraction of the price of retail outlets. I prefer glass screen protectors, gorilla Glass is usually good. Look for listings that offer 2 or 3 for not that much more. They can be tricky to fit and you need to get it right first time or you’ll get marks underneath but they aren’t usually visible when the screen is on. Cheap cases don’t seem to last long but if you like to change things up just buy a few. I like Spigen cases slightly dearer but much better quality, many with ‘armour’ features but not too bulky, great if you tend to drop your phone alot, like me :grin:


I’ve been buying Spigen cases for years, and this year for the first time, also bought an antiglare glass protector for my new iPhone12 Mini (the case came with a glass protector and it was very good, but not antiglare… in the end I bought a Nuglas antiglare) I tend to go for slimline cases which are also a bit grippy, I’ve become a bit fumble-fingered in my old age and need all the help I can get. Spigen also make for Pixel and probably other brands too.


Many thanks