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I currently have a 2GB, $50 per month plan with telstra but need more data - say 40 GB. Any suggestions please


Does that $50 include the phone payment? If it includes the repayment for the phone, moving away from Telstra may mean you have to pay out the phone cost. This may not be a cheap option, instead if it is the case you could seek a better plan with Telstra until your phone is paid out. Then after the phone is yours, there are many choices you can look at.

If you can post whether you own the phone or are paying it off under your current plan will help us offer suggestions.

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If you aren’t on a locked in plan, there is Boost to retain the same coverage:

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If you are comfortable switching to Vodafone as your carrier, Kogan has a great deal for pre-paid phone service. We each pay $120 per year for unlimited calls and texts within Australia and get 80GB of data thrown in.

They now have a new deal (I don’t know how long it will last) for $99 per year which comes with unlimited calls and texts and 120GB of data.

We are very happy with this - Vodafone works best in capital cities though.

I am a bit of a fan of Moose Mobile;
40gb a month plan is $20.80 for first 6 months, $30.80 after.
Optus network, 5G Enabled, 200gb data banking so unused data is not lost each month.

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If you are NOT locked into a plan with Telstra, and paying off the phone, then it is eezi peezi to get a better deal than anything Telstra will offer.

Catch Connect runs on Optus network and I use their $15 per 30 days plan which inlcudes 18GB data and unlimited calls and texts Aust wide.

Aldi mobile, which runs on the Telstra network, has a number of pre-paid plans month to month or 365 day plans. Check the Aldi mobile website.

Kogan does a special deal for a 365 day prepaid plan - 500GB data and unlimited calls and texts for $150 and it’s good as long as you are in an area covered by Kogan Mobile (vodafone network).

And by the way, all three of these providers give you a proper voicemail service, as opposed to Telstra’s 10 second voice to text excuse for voicemail.



There is a dedicated topic to the best SIM only plans.

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