Mobile Phone Battery Prices

My wife needed a new battery for her Samsung Galaxy S5 so I did a Google search last Thursday.

One result was for Battery World at $49.95, another was for an eBay seller for around $10.00 but they were out of stock and another was for an eBay seller for $14.98 including free return postage so I ordered it from them.

It arrived today and it is labelled as Samsung as listed.

Only 30% of the price at a battery store and presumably even way less than at a phone repair shop or service agent.


I’ve got 2 (brand new & unused) you are welcome to have: bought them for my S5, but had to upgrade my phone before they were delivered!


And unfortunately, Samsung phones (after S5’s) no longer have a removable battery…


There could be range of reasons including grey market, direct from China, or the capacity of the battery.

I have ordered after market batteries for iPhones that supposedly have double the capacity of the EOM, and were ¼ of the price.

The most important thing is: Caveat Emptor.


It is a genuine Samsung battery identical to the original.

My wife charged it last night and her phone is working fine once again.

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I would be interested in them :slight_smile:

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Great to hear it worked make sure you do a test - full charge & discharge with a heavy use like watch a video with scree set to full brightness just to see it has smooth drain pattern on battery.

Which seller did you use I am researching getting a replacement S4 and S5 battery on ebay as well. (Not everyone can afford the latest smartphones)

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You are more than welcome. Send me your address via email or Messenger.

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Send me your address
[/quote] Thanks done and got your reply - you can edit out phone number.