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Mobile car detailing

I received a $200 gift voucher from my family for 'The Mobile Detailing Company". It is for cars and trucks. They have a 1300 number to contact and a website with very glowing reviews. The 1300 number goes to a separate answering service not voicemail at a call center. They just pass on the request to book a service. Despite many calls, no one rings back. I filled in the online request form on their website, still no calls. It must be a scam or they have gone broke. I have made a complaint with Consumer Affairs Victoria, waiting for a response.


Just a couple of questions…where are the reviews you have seen?

Do you have a link to their website etc, as the company I have found called ‘The Mobile Detailing Company’ is based in the US.


The reviews were on their website which still operates

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The ASIC ABN search yields an interesting collection of trading companies, as well as their locations, under ‘The Trustee for The Crescent Dawn Trust’.

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Thanks, next steps?

I doubt consumer affairs will be much help. Depending on when the voucher was purchased and from whom, you might have your family member who purchased it open chargeback dispute on their credit card, citing your unsuccessful attempts to contact the company, with dates and times and methods you tried. There are time limits to do so. Other payment methods have differing time limits and protections, from better to none at all.

Reviews on a company’s own web site are generally puffery and of little to no merit in many cases. Some companies remove negative reviews, and the positive ones may or may not be made up. When there are nothing but ‘falling over oneself happy customers’ it is usually suspicious.


It could be that the one person runs a number of different businesses to try and make a living if one doesn’t provide enough by itself.

Have you tried searching for contact details of the other businesses to see if they are the same or yield different ones. If they are different, the website contacts could be old and not updated and try contacting the others to see if you have any luck.

If it is a one man business, it is also possible that the business owner is on holidays or overwhelmed with business and is struggling to keep up.

Or, at worst, the business no longer exists and their website hosting has been paid up until a future date when it may then be removed.

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