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Misleading food labels


I would be more than happy to add anything else i see that is fake ok.Tell me when are they going to start making food that is healthy cheaper and charge more for unhealthy foods. My health is not overly good and i have to change what i am eating. I just cannot believe how hard it is trying to find foods with less salt and same with less sugar. Are they ever going to make these food companies force change in order for all of us to not die young due to bad and addictive foods. I am trying to change my eating habits which is not real easy to do. I just understand when walking into supermarkets how many isles are full of fatty sugary unhealthy foods. I remember not if im correct that they were going to put clear labels on packaging how healthy food is.Im afraid with so many Australians obese and i know i have been told to lose weight just really scares me how many of us will have health conditions in the near future.Someone has to do alot more encouraging all of us to eat better. I feel many processed foods are just so fake and have very little nutrition or any benefit apart from making us more addicted to sugar and salt. Just my opinion but someone needs to far far more.


Interesting comment that food companies may have such a narrow short term outlook. They are maximising today’s returns and profits for short term gains.

While at the same time they may be killing the golden goose?

Our current corporate culture rewards annually with bonuses and dividends. There are few rewards for long term achievement or forward planning ( market dominance excluded)?


When is a markdown not a markdown?

I spotted this one at our local Supa IGA today amongst the packs of lambs’ fry which were all marked down by 50%, except this one.


Oops! image


… when they mark down the value … :wink: Good old lambs fry - the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast !!


Looks like human/operator error as it appears that the discount label has been fixed to the wrong product/package.

The original label was lambs fry, but the discount label was for lamb hearts.


Whilst shopping at Woollies in Nambour yesterday, I spotted these vegan products at the end of the meat cabinet.

It appears that some producers have stopped labelling their products with words associated with real meat.


Generic warnings about “tree nuts” are useless. Useless for me as walnuts, pecans, macadamias, etc are no problem for me but I get bad reactions to almonds. They all grow on trees, versus peanuts which are “ground nuts” (not to be confused with nuts which have been ground into slivers, bits, meal, or “nut flour”)


What an unfortunate placement of words :upside_down_face:
This pic of a Dick Smith product was sent in by one of our Facebook followers.